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Petrol Engine Reliability?

From a Glow Engine?

No Problems!


Petrol engines cannot work without an ignition system.  Glow engines, on the other hand, can, but they work an awful lot  better with one.  So why is it OK to have an ignition system on a petrol engine, but not on a glow engine?

Why doesn't everyone fit an ignition (glow support) system to their glow engine and get the convenience, reliability and safety on offer?  Lots of reasons, but mainly because a preconception has evolved that says 'if you set up the engine correctly then it shouldn't be necessary' - which firstly is nonsense and secondly ignores all the other benefits to be gained from using glow support.   


It is true that early designs of glow support were rather crude - switching on at a pre-set throttle position regardless of glowplug temperature.  Today, with modern electronics and batteries, on-board glow support is available to all.  And with our Advanced Glowswitch (the AGS) many superior benefits are built-in.


Look at these features:

The AGS senses the glow wire temperature and only operates when needed, so only a small support battery is required.

The AGS won't damage the plug by overheating it - it won't operate if the plug is already hot enough.

The AGS operates over the whole throttle range, so full throttle overshoots are no problem.

The AGS provides for starting, so no need for an external glow connection and much safer for fingers.

The AGS helps you avoid forced landings and so protects your model from damage or worse.

The AGS allows you to use a colder glowplug and thus get more engine power.

The AGS helps to prevent 'dead stick' landings so it is safer for spectators and property.

The AGS does a pre-flight battery check, so no take-offs with low support battery.

The AGS system is suitable for twin and multi-cylinder engines and multi-engine models.

The AGS lets you run over-rich for running-in in the air.

The AGS lets your engine run with less or even no nitro so saving fuel cost.



Never Call  "DEAD STICK!"  again

The AGS is an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for glow plug engines.  The AGS unit provides starting and in-flight glow support, thus ensuring reliable engine operation at all times.  If you have a glow engine, then you need the


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Plug Connections a Problem?  Deep Plug-wells a Problem?

We wanted a slim plug connector that would give a secure and wobble-free glowplug connection so we designed the


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No time to cut out 170 assorted shapes from our Vulcan plans?

No problem.  We now offer a pack of laser-cut parts for the


Also a set of 12 Vac-Formed shapes for canopy, engines etc is available.

And NOW an aluminium tube 5/8 (16mm) x 36" for wing re-inforcement and as a building jig.

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